The New Venture Continues.

It has b1een quite a week I now have a Facebook page named Helen’s House  where I advertise my two new ventures, Yes there are two now!

There has not been much progress online as yet so yesterday I created a Facebook Group still using Helen’s House as the name it has sort of grown on me.

Today when I came on here I decided Journey’s Through Life no longer reflected my blog so I’ve made a few changes, hope you like them. I’ve moved the about page off the front as by leaving it as the first page you my viewers see it might be a little off putting and discourage readers from venturing any further into Helen’s House.

Many years ago I was an Avon Rep and have now returned to that as with the advent of internet usage I now have my own shop Helen’s Avon .

Not forgetting  my Kleeneze Shop and Klife Shop .

I’m still very skeptical as I’ve only managed a few Kleeneze orders and have been advised by my sponsor not to put it in until I get some more orders. The question I ask myself if the orders are not forth coming how long will they be prepared to wait before wanting to cancel, at least with the Avon I need less to enable free delivery but will see what comes from it.


Friedland Wireless Alarm– Now: £34.99

Need a new alarm or don’t have one then try one of these. Easy to install, requires no wiring, effective burglar detection, keypad operation.

Alarm systems can act as one of the most highly visible and effective deterrents to burgulars. Protect yourself and your property by installing a wireless alarm.

Kit includes:

1 x keypad remote control

1 x door / window contact

1 x external siren

1 x movement sensor

Batteries not included. Sirex requires 4 x D, Keypad 2 x AA, PIR 2 x AA, Door Contact 2 x AA

1This lovely necklace is made of sterling silver no of this cheap silver plated rubbish. Selling for only £25.00

I can deliver these items FREE to your door if you live close to Central Chatham (payment on delivery) or you can collect direct from my house.

If you want to order from further away I can arrange delivery via Parcelforce for (£4.95 p&p)

Based in Central Chatham, Kent, UK – Message me if you would like to buy – Helen 🙂

I’ll be back again soon and will let you know how things are progressing. Hope you like the changes?





New Venture

The twists and turns in life can be surprising. I’ve embarked on a new venture hoping it works out.

You can visit my page plus I have two online shops where items can be ordered directly or

Items can be ordered directly and postage paid then delivery can be arranged with me. If local pickup or delivery can be arranged if close to me as I don’t drive.

8Today is wet and windy so these might be good items to have a look at.

Small Doily

These small doily’s can be used in different ways on there own on any unit or table top as a decoration.

2015-01-15 19.52.47

They can be placed over jugs or other small container to protect against flies and dust.

2015-01-15 19.59.27

Under a plant or vase

2015-01-15 20.01.252015-01-15 20.01.04

Where as you can see my four month old kitten was so interested it took four shots before I was able to get a picture without the cat monopolising the plant.

I can make these doilies for a very low cost of £2.70 each.

New Year, new decisions, new skills.

During the later part of 2014 I found myself enjoying making small gifts that I could gifts for friends and family and after speaking with a colleague I worked with a few years ago I came to the conclusion that I could sell some of these things for a little extra income that would then go towards new resources, enabling me to make more items.

During 2015 – I’ve decided to take IGCSE Maths to help with the work front. I’m also hoping 2015 will see me finally having teeth again after the cancer that took them from me looking forward to the simple things like bacon sandwiches.

I have also decided to learn machine quilting and machine embroidery through the website

I hope to blog these adventures here so others can see how 2015 develops for me.

So far this year I’ve made:

2014-12-31 19.02.16

An Owl Pincushion

A Sew Buddy

A Sew Buddy

For the Machine quilting I am using Block of the Month 2012 from Craftsy this is a free course available to anyone.

January Blocks

Asterisk Block

Asterisk Block 1

Asterisk Block

Asterisk Block 2

Wonky Pound Sign Block

Wonky Pound Sign Block

As you can see I had two attempts at the first block.

February Blocks

Balkan Puzzle Block

Balkan Puzzle Block

Chunky Chevron Block

Chunky Chevron Block

If your interested in any of my items please contact me!

After effects

It’s now three years since I had the face sarcoma, I’m feeling frustrated and low at the moment. Having survived the cancer for the third time, I found myself out of work in August 2014 and I’ve found I either don’t have enough qualifications for posts that I should be able to do or as soon as a perspective employer discovers that I have no teeth doors seem to close for me.

It has been a long wait to have my reconstruction completed and having finally been granted funds for implants and then new teeth on the NHS I discovered that I’m on yet another waiting list that could be anything from six months to a year.

In the mean time I’m lucky if I get some agency work to keep the wolves from the door, along with this I’ve discovered if you work for agency you don’t get much support from unemployment who just want you to sign off if you’re working for an agency.

With the fact I now use a stick to get from A-B but not whilst at work, I just need some support on my leg and ankle but enough that some positions would leave me in pain and my ankle swells up so jobs standing up all day are out.