The fibre issue – not an easy subject!

Bowls and fibre issues I think are on of the most awkward issues to raise with professionals. It makes you feel embarrassed and subconscious.

But since I’ve been back on solid foods its been raising its ugly head for me.

I finally plucked up the courage to speak of the unspeakable as I don’t want to be taking tablets. I looked at my sarcoma pin and told myself if I can survive cancer three times surely I can ask for help in this one small area of my life.

The result was to try a small bowl of cereal, Weetabix, Porridge, mid-morning.
At least one glass of pure juice each day and to add pulses to my diet. Fruit can only be eaten if cooked as there are no teeth to crunch things like apples.

All in all which makes getting enough fibre not an easy task. So I’ve embarked on these changes and hope it works as laxatives give me severe stomach pains.


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