Where Oh Where Do Your Friends Go?

It seems to me with the diagnosis of cancer, you soon find out her your friends are. I’ve had friends that I’ve known for years that have suddenly disappeared, they don’t call if you see them when you’re out they seem not to see you.

Just lately I’ve noticed people I know look  totally in the opposite direction on encountering in the street. Maybe as people will tell you they didn’t see/recognise me with the new hair (which is now curly whereas before it was wavy), but I don’t really think so.

Just because we’ve had cancer doesn’t make us any different. Its not some special club. We are still the same inside.

I do agree it does change you as a person you develop into a new and stronger person. But it seems we lose friends over it. When I had cancer the first time I broke up with my husband, this time round my daughter left home was this due to me? Have I changed that much?

The majority of my friends now are on-line friends. That I met on places like Facebook often people that have either had cancer or are undergoing treatment.

What is your view on this? Do you agree or disagree? Have you changed? Have you lost friends? Found people you thought were friends pretend they hadn’t seen you? Or even made some good friends during your own journey?

Please feel free to add your own comments and thoughts. I would like to know how others have felt?


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