Eating out

I find this time of year particularly difficult. Not being able to eat many of the nice delicacies that suddenly appear on our shop shelves. There are even more things that I can’t eat.

I went out for a pub luncheon this week and found even that difficult. My partners lunch arrived first a mixed grill which I just sat and looked at. When asked what I was looking at I replied I was eating his meal. I had my usual lasagne it’s not easy finding things I can eat out on a menu so usually end up with lasagne.

It would be nice if more eating places added more on their menu’s that us toothless people can eat, it puts you off eating out but that’s unfair on our families and friends.

I don’t like feeling sorry for myself or seeming selfish this is not my intention really. My Christmas wish from Santa is a full set of teeth, but it won’t be this year hopefully next year.


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