As I Approach Yet Another Operation.

Today as I waited around in the hospital for another round of tests and seeing the various members of my surgical team. A man came into the waiting area with the tip of his nose missing making me think that no matter what we have to deal with, we find the strength from somewhere deep within ourselves.

I was only thinking the other day that when I hear of someone else feeling down I always seem to then feel down myself. Then this gentleman walked in seeming to be totally at ease with his own situation. We all think at some point that we can’t cope with what life throws at us. Yet no matter what we have our black moments pick ourselves up dust our selves down and fight for another day.

Unfortunately when we receive that dreaded cancer diagnosis, its like being given I life sentence.

I know for myself that after the breast cancer in 1999 I always felt I would never be free as its always there just in the background of each and every check-up will I be OK this time has it come back and now I have to have regular chest x-rays because my latest cancer can come back via the lungs. Its always a huge sense of relief when your told its all clear for another few months.


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