Ten Things

I got this idea from a friend on Facebook but I’ve added what I’d like to do in 2013, Thank you for the idea, my friend.

Ten things I did in 2012:

  1. Passed Word Specialist 2007.
  2. Passed Excel Specialist 2007.
  3. Passed PowerPoint Specialist 2007.
  4. Created a blog.
  5. Passed Better Blogging with CTJT, with a Merit.
  6. Watched my daughter leave home.
  7. Was finally discharged from Breast Clinic.
  8. Finished Chemotherapy for the second time.
  9. Had tumour in mouth removed, plus five other operations.
  10. Survived CANCER again.

Ten Things I’d like to do in 3013:

  1. Make new Friends.
  2. Support others.
  3. Complete Teaching Assistant NVQ3.
  4. Complete and pass Proof Editing Course.
  5. Get a new job.
  6. Have a good relationship with my daughter.
  7. Pay off some debts.
  8. Have my mouth reconstruction finished, and have a full set of teeth implanted.
  9. Eat a meal without worrying if I can eat what’s on the menu.
  10. Survive Cancer another year.

What would you put on your list?




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