Recent events!

I was originally planning on staying away from today’s topic. But I find in all honesty this has become impossible to do.My topic I’m afraid harps onto the Saville issues.

It seems to me completely disgusting that this went on for 6 decades from the BBC news without being brought to anyone’s attention. He is supposed to started in 1955 and carrying on until 2009.Alleged crimes taking place in 13 hospitals and even one hospice.

A total of 214 crimes over 28 Police Force Areas the youngest being eight at the time of the offence and the eldest was 47. There were incredibly 34 rapes and or penetration.

How on earth was this able to go on for so long? How did he keep this secret? with no-one coming forward to the police or other authorities?

They say now that he groomed the public. Did he become such a prominent figure so that our children wouldn’t be believed?

What saddens me the most is that so many of the people that were in the limelight when I was growing up seem to have been mixed up in this. People like Dave Lee Travis, and now it appears Jim Davidson are under suspicion.

They are saying this is a watershed moment for Child Protection. It is becoming harder and harder to protect our children without wrapping them up in cotton wool. Even keeping children at home doesn’t guarantee they won’t be subjected to harm as these people were on our TV’s almost daily.

It makes me wonder what they are going to suggest we do now to protect our loved ones? And to think I liked these people when I was young makes me feel sick in my stomach.

I worked with children for ten years before my latest cancer and it sickens me knowing there are so many people out there trying to steal away their childhood.

Information found at: this last link also gives an SMS number and Twitter contact for those that are affected by this issue.



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