New Year, new decisions, new skills.

During the later part of 2014 I found myself enjoying making small gifts that I could gifts for friends and family and after speaking with a colleague I worked with a few years ago I came to the conclusion that I could sell some of these things for a little extra income that would then go towards new resources, enabling me to make more items.

During 2015 – I’ve decided to take IGCSE Maths to help with the work front. I’m also hoping 2015 will see me finally having teeth again after the cancer that took them from me looking forward to the simple things like bacon sandwiches.

I have also decided to learn machine quilting and machine embroidery through the website

I hope to blog these adventures here so others can see how 2015 develops for me.

So far this year I’ve made:

2014-12-31 19.02.16

An Owl Pincushion

A Sew Buddy

A Sew Buddy

For the Machine quilting I am using Block of the Month 2012 from Craftsy this is a free course available to anyone.

January Blocks

Asterisk Block

Asterisk Block 1

Asterisk Block

Asterisk Block 2

Wonky Pound Sign Block

Wonky Pound Sign Block

As you can see I had two attempts at the first block.

February Blocks

Balkan Puzzle Block

Balkan Puzzle Block

Chunky Chevron Block

Chunky Chevron Block

If your interested in any of my items please contact me!


Heart Afghan Project



This crochet Afghan Blanket is made with block Granny Squares, there are one hundred squares in total.

For those that want the facts I used double knit wool four 100g balls of white, 2 red, 4 different pinks and 1 dark red. I used a 5mm sized hook. There are twenty hearts which were sewn onto white squares and laid out to make a larger heart within the blanket.

The edging

Round 1: Double crochet into each stitch of the squares, two stitches into the corners of the squares, on the corners I did five double crochet.

Round 2: One treble,one chain, One treble into one stitch then miss one stitch and repeat.

Round 3: Two treble, two chain, two treble into the one chain on the “V” of previous round, and repeat.

Round 4: Three treble, three chain, three treble into the two chain on the “V” of previous round, and repeat.Image

I started work on this just after Christmas it was supposed to have been for a competition but it the finishing date was long past when finished, think it would have only been finished on time if I didn’t have to go to work every day.