Small Doily

These small doily’s can be used in different ways on there own on any unit or table top as a decoration.

2015-01-15 19.52.47

They can be placed over jugs or other small container to protect against flies and dust.

2015-01-15 19.59.27

Under a plant or vase

2015-01-15 20.01.252015-01-15 20.01.04

Where as you can see my four month old kitten was so interested it took four shots before I was able to get a picture without the cat monopolising the plant.

I can make these doilies for a very low cost of £2.70 each.


Heart Afghan Project



This crochet Afghan Blanket is made with block Granny Squares, there are one hundred squares in total.

For those that want the facts I used double knit wool four 100g balls of white, 2 red, 4 different pinks and 1 dark red. I used a 5mm sized hook. There are twenty hearts which were sewn onto white squares and laid out to make a larger heart within the blanket.

The edging

Round 1: Double crochet into each stitch of the squares, two stitches into the corners of the squares, on the corners I did five double crochet.

Round 2: One treble,one chain, One treble into one stitch then miss one stitch and repeat.

Round 3: Two treble, two chain, two treble into the one chain on the “V” of previous round, and repeat.

Round 4: Three treble, three chain, three treble into the two chain on the “V” of previous round, and repeat.Image

I started work on this just after Christmas it was supposed to have been for a competition but it the finishing date was long past when finished, think it would have only been finished on time if I didn’t have to go to work every day.