How do you keep warm?

With the current cold weather it is important to find ways to keep warm. Some of the things I do to keep the winter chills at bay without running up an enormous electric bill are:

  • The use of layers of clothing its actually easier to keep heat in using layers rather than thick clothing.
  • Wearing fingerless gloves so I can still type etc.
  • Believable or not if I’m really cold I’ll even put a hat on. A person loses most of their warmth through their head.
  • Hot meals, casseroles, stews and soup.
  • Make sure all doors are kept shut to keep the heat in.
  • Use a tumble drier which helps circulating the warm air in the kitchen even if the tumble has an extractor taking away much of the air you will still get some warmth coming from the machine.

What sort of things do you do to keep warm?